Inspired by a bygone era.


A dressing table is a historical piece of furniture. At the same time, it remains ideal for modern living, carving out a space of tranquility in an otherwise busy lifestyle, providing room for one’s own private universe, much like walk-in closet. In addition, Make-Up, with its light, elegant and minimal structure, is designed to create a feminine and timeless piece of furniture that can be handed down from mother to daughter through generations.

The construction and design of Make-Up is extremely well thought out. The slender supporting legs are made 1.5 cm shorter than usual to achieve a lower table height, thus making it easier to sit close to the mirror. The legs are secured with wooden wedges underneath the tabletop, after which the mirror is inserted into the slot at the rear. In this way, Make-Up is assembled without using any glue. There are three storage spaces ͞hiding͟ within the dressing table, drawers made with old carpenter traditions in mind, that is, with wood instead of metal fittings.

The mechanism behind these hidden drawers produces both surprise and fascination, while also contributing additional room. The two plateaus on each side of the table are intended as stands to temporarily place these drawers on while 'out of hiding', as well as storage of hot flat irons, curling irons, etc.

  • Materials:

    Oak and mirror

  • Measurements:

    Lenght 960 mm – Width 500 mm – Height 720 mm