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Laptop-table is the additional table for the living room or the study. Built on the same design as Make-up, the table is the perfect work surface for smaller projects. This makes Laptop-table an ideal piece of furniture for the family with children doing homework in the living room or the young couple who may have less space in their apartment to make room for several study areas. At the same time, Laptop-table is a very flexible piece of furniture which is easy to move around and it may quickly be converted into a dining table for one or two people.

The table is, like all other products By Dane, an example of classic minimal design, created with functionality in mind. Laptop-table also contains the same hidden drawers that Make-up does, giving the furniture extra storage space for pens, pencils and other office supplies, while the plateaux on each side of the table may be used for storing cups so that the computer and any important papers are safe if one were to knock over one’s coffee.

  • Materials:


  • Measurements:

    Lenght 960 mm – Width 500 mm – Height 720 mm

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