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Mikkel Vandborg

The designer - Mikkel Vandborg

The creative nerve and driving force behind Design By Dane is founder, furniture maker and designer Mikkel Vandborg, b. 1989, who has a strong passion for classic Danish furniture design and good craftsmanship. This passion goes back to a very young age.

His practical approach Mikkel Vandborg got from his education as a furniture maker, where material knowledge, craftsmanship and quality awareness is essential, while his approach to design is autodidactic and is driven by a natural curiosity on materials, undiscovered features and human needs in everyday life. A sudden indulgence, an impulsive action or an inspirational input can lead to the great idea which become the focal point for a new piece in Design By Danes furniture universe.

Mikkel Vandborg grew up in a family where good craftsmanship has been central as both his great-grandfather and his grandfather were cabinet makers. Thus, Mikkel grew up surrounded by high quality carpentry. However, his interest in the elegant Scandinavian idiom and furniture design has evolved over time with leading Danish designers as his sources of inspiration. A Design By Dane product is created in the natural symbiosis between Mikkels Vandborg's sense of quality and craftsmanship and his great passion for classic Danish furniture design.

With his practical and curious approach to furniture design, pieces from Mikkel Vandborg is created in a functional, simple form with a distinctive contemporary touch that has roots in the golden age of Danish furniture design.

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