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Egglight is a lamp. The egg has throughout history been associated with nature and the circle of life, and light itself has been seen as both condition and nourishment for this life. This makes Egglight both simple and powerful as an object, symbolically as well as visually. The environmentally friendly LED light source has the ability to be dimmed, thus making this lamp the perfect choice for any dining, work or cosy environment.

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Mill is a hall stand that fits into any modern home. Sculptural by design, it is as beautiful draped with clothes as it is on its own. Its minimal structure mimics the wings of a traditional mill. Static, yet invoking movement, Mill references the circular, that which revolves, revisits and returns to its point of origin. Here, coats and hats come on and off as the day passes and begins again.

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Make-Up is a modern, Scandinavian interpretation of an 18th Century furniture classic. Traditionally, the dressing table represented a ”pocket of space” reserved for a woman in an otherwise predominantly masculine world. Make-Up is similarly a highly personal piece of furniture. Here, hidden drawers suggest the presence of private worlds. Yet, the simple, bold design makes this table stand out and become a focal point in any living space or bedroom.

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